Taipuu Speakers

Taipuu Speakers have been designed to create the best possible listening experience. A balanced, natural sound is the sum of a variety of factors, created by a unique enclosure design, state-of-the-art audio technology and the coding of the DSP amplifier. Taipuu Speakers have them all, made with skill, craftsmanship and passion. No compromises made.


The enclosures of Taipuu Speakers are handcrafted from solid wood. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure a natural and open sound that conveys the full dynamics of music.

The enclosures are designed and made with uncompromised craftsmanship and passion by Seppo Paldanius, a carpenter from Oulu, Finland. He has extensive experience in durable state-of-the-art solid wood solutions. He selects the individual pieces of wood used in each enclosure with skill and care, right down to the level of individual woodgrains, to ensure an experience that is both acoustically and visually as close to perfection as possible. Taipuu Speakers are a genuinely unique combination of skilled craftsmanship and leading audio technology.

The stylish enclosures represent naturally elegant Scandinavian design. Taipuu Speakers can be made of Finnish birch, expressive ash or smooth and dark oak – or a combination of the three should you so wish. All Taipuu Speakers are, naturally, finished with utmost skill and care.


The enclosures of Taipuu Speakers can alternatively be made of ecological HI-MACS® composite, developed by the internationally renowned LG Hausys. Durable, beautiful and easy to work with, HI-MACS® lends itself perfectly to high-quality speaker enclosures.

The HI-MACS® enclosures of Taipuu Speakers are designed and manufactured in Finland. Seamless structure, elegant high-gloss finish – and the familiar natural and open Taipuu sound.

HI-MACS® offers a virtually unlimited range of colours and textures, which ensure that the design Taipuu Speakers can be visually optimised for any and all surroundings.